What to see in September

Go wildlife watching in SeptemberMinke whale © Tom Marshall

September is certainly migration month, with the many millions of roaming animals offering a great wildlife watching opportunities

Yorkshire is famous for its bird migration and has the most Bird Observatories of any UK county. Filey, Flamborough and Spurn are fantastic places to watch out for arrivals and departures in September. Swallows are really busy, feeding like crazy to put on enough fat for their long journey to South Africa, by the end of the month most will be gone. Songbirds such as meadow pipits which nest in Yorkshire migrate south with their Icelandic cousins escaping to areas with more winter food. Take a look at the Spurn Bird Observatory, Filey Bird Observatory, Flamborough Bird Observatory or Birdguides websites to see what’s about.

Out to sea whales are migrating along our coastline, with whale watching boat trips offering opportunities to see minke, sei, fin and even humpback whales! Try the Whitby Whale Watching Centre or Yorkshire Coast Nature for whale watching boat trips.

Staying out at sea, RSPB run Skua and Shearwater watching boat trips for a chance to spot and photograph these rarely seen seabirds.

September is the month for starling murmurations –, the best places to try are at dusk at RSPB Blacktoft Sands or over the River Humber to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust's Far Ings Nature Reserve where the estuary’s abundant reedbeds make an ideal overnight spot for a starling sleepover.

The annual Yorkshire Wolds Walking Festival takes place in September and is a great opportunity to discover this beautiful part of the country on a variety of guided walks and wildlife watching events.

Yorkshire Coast Nature

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